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Back before 2010 bit the bucket and we strolled into 2011, embracing it and all its greatness, I had a little entry here about a new site I was working on.

Said site is now, more or less, completed. Completed and ready for folks to have a nosey at if they are so inclined. In fact it would be nice if you did and let me know what you think about it.

This new site was created for my brother, who had a simple sort of idea that he wanted to see come to life. Being slightly tech-minded he had a small stab at making the website, but then figured asking me to help out would help speed things up.

So, a little over two weeks later, I had everything created and up in place.

There are some plans already for things to add to the site, but the basic idea is there alive and slightly kicking. For instance my brother is a fan of funny t-shirts (not unlike the sort you can buy from The Bauble's Store, link in the menu above ;) ) and he wants a store section added to his website. It will be done once he has thought a little bit more about what exactly his store will be selling. No point having a mish-mash of things up there 'just because'.

So, without much more to-do or ado or voodoo I present for your consideration Half Baked Potatoes.


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