Funny Auld World


Last night I was at a "work night out" with the folks from the new job. Being six months into the new place now I have, surprisingly even to myself, met a lot of the people. In fact I think I've had dealings with nearly half the company at this stage, whereas in my old job I think I only knew a handful of folks outside my group.

As such, at this get-together, I did what I always do. I told stories and jokes. It went down well enough, like I had been there for years and not just half a year.

The reason for the drinks last night was because one of the developers is leaving, heading off on travels while his girlfriend gives him permission to. Since we both got on very well I figured it would have been poor form not to show up.

The craic had was mighty. But then one of those weird little quirks of coincidence happened.

Noel, the lad that is leaving, introduced me to a guy called Rob. Why? Well I had mentioned, in passing, to somebody not Noel, that I had done some stand-up comedy over the years. Noel, clearly eavesdropping, introduces me and Rob, who had also done stand-up in the past.

The pair of us got yapping, each looking at the other with that expression of "I've seen this person somewhere before, but I can't place where."

After sating Noel's doubts that either of us did comedy by dropping a bunch of names of comedians and clubs it all fell into place.

Not only had we attended some of the same gigs, knew some of the same acts, we had even gigged together on the opening night of Farlmeister's Comedy Box. We reminisced about how fantastic that gig had been, how the crowd had really been up for comedy, etc.

As the conversation continued I just passed comment on how funny it was that two acts, who had spoken only in passing, both ended up working in Newbay. This then led to the second co-inky-dink of the night. Both of us had been hired and started in Newbay at the same time, on the same day.

It's a funny auld world when you get right down to it.


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