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One of my all time favourite films is "The Usual Suspects". Not many people would agree that it is a fantastic movie, I once had a friend tell me they found it to be "meh", but for me it is just brilliant. I tend to watch it at least once a year, one of these days my DVD will disintegrate from being used so much.

Last night I had my first viewing of the movie for 2011, but this was slightly different to just popping it into the DVD player and sitting on the sofa.

See the wonderful lady friend, pulling more strings than an army of puppeteers, managed to get us two tickets to an event being ran last night as part of the Jameson Film Festival in Dublin.

The event was a special screening in an old warehouse down on the docks. The interior of the warehouse had been done up so that it resembled a ship yard, full of massive metal containers. Smoke machines created a fog that added to the atmosphere nicely. There was free Jameson for all and a burger stand that made the nicest burgers I have ever had while watching a movie.

Actually getting to see the movie on the big screen, I was too young to see it in the cinema when it released originally, was a novelty in itself for me. At eight everyone sat down in the main area for the show. But the event folks didn't just show us a movie. They had a group of fire actors act out random scenes throughout the show.

At the start the five guys lined up, mimicking the line-up scene from the movie, and gave out the usual "Exits are at the back. Turn off your phones." message while in character. It was a nice touch.

The lady friend even managed to walk into one of the scenes as the actors came running down the aisles waving guns around the place. Fun for all the family.

But the main event wasn't the movie, it was after the credits had rolled. A spotlight lit up a white while and a silhouette of Kaiser Soze was seen walking along, smoking a cigar. As he reached the edge of the wall Kevin Spacey stepped out onto stage, greeted to a standing ovation from the crowd.

The next forty minutes was a Q&A session between some movie interviewer type and Mr. Spacey and man alive that guy can tell stories. Some of the stories he told about when they shot "The Usual Suspects". Then some of his tales about how he secured roles for various parts showed that this guy was born to tell stories, even if he did get one through stealing from a sleeping woman.

One thing I didn't know about him was he had a background in stand-up and the interviewer requested a few impersonations. Mr. Spacey was only too happy to oblige, giving us a glimpse at what Hans Solo would have sounded like had Christopher Walken gotten the part. Followed by Al Pacino after a few shots and wrapped up with the best Morgan Freeman any white guy has every performed.

It was a fantastic night and I'd like to put up here on the interwebs for as long as The Bauble is around a big thank you to the lady friend for getting the tickets.


The lady friend, in an effort to make herself even greater, found the video of the impressions:


Shortie | Tue, 22 Feb 11 11:43:20 +0000

Not a problem at all poco, delighted that you enjoyed it. Was a fantastic screening and the entrance by Spacey was funky. You left out the bit about the chicken wings from Elephant and Castle though lol :P

blue_jester | Tue, 22 Feb 11 11:59:56 +0000

My god you're right, how could I have forgotten the BIGGEST part of the whole thing :P

Shortie | Tue, 22 Feb 11 12:01:03 +0000

They were freaking fantastic. nom nom nom. Have now made myself hungry thinking about them, damn it!

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