Poxy Spring


I'm a Winter person, I know that some folks find that weird. I'm not entirely sure why, but I just enjoy Winter more than any of the other seasons.

Not that I dislike Summer. Summer is just as good as Winter, but I prefer Winter that little bit more. But the season, or seasons to be precise, that I despise more than anything in the world? Autumn and Spring.

Now, most folks won't really understand why that is. Since Summer minded people love the arrival of Spring because it means the weather is changing and Winter minded folks enjoy Autumn for the exact same reason. But me, I hate both of these "change seasons" equally. For one very simple reason: they are migraine seasons.

As odd as this may sound to people that don't suffer migraines sudden weather changes can trigger a migraine. From a tiny annoying bastard that just pulses every five minutes with short bursts of pain, to eye gouging whores that make removing your brain through a nostril with a spoon seem like a good idea. Migraine people are human barometers. If you know a migraine sufferer who suddenly gets a migraine on a nice sunny day, cancel your weekend barbecue because the weather is changing fast. Forget what you saw on the telly-vision the night before, that guy clutching his skull and shaking his fists at God is a thousand times more accurate with weather prediction.

During Winter and Summer the change is at least gradual, not so sharp and sudden. Meaning less migraines. But Spring and Autumn, hell you can have all four seasons in one bloody day. Like this weekend just gone. Started cloudy, was sunny, changed to rain, changed back to a bit of sun, got really windy. In two days! I've had a throbbing migraine since Saturday morning that has only lessened in intensity but not in frequency.

So give me Winter all year round. Or Summer. I don't really mind which, just keep your poxy Spring and all your "Ah I love Spring" attitude because it ain't wanted around here.

Stupid rabbits, learn to mate in the summer you 20/20 vision bastards.


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