So, being the insane whore that I am, I started working on The Bauble about a month ago. Tiny changes, little code tweaks. You know, the usual crap that happens when I start working on the site after having the bright idea of updating one thing.

It all started after I finished working on the brother's website and had picked up a few new tricks along the way. I decided then that I wouldn't mind adding some of those things to my site. Plus The Bauble is fast approaching its fifth birthday and in that time it has accumulated a lot of random code and files. Over the years some blocks of code or files have been replaced with better ones, but left behind just in case.

Meaning that The Bauble had put on a little weight over the years and was in need of a visit to the gym. How I am not entirely sure, but the new site is missing just over one hundred files that the old one had. Plus I got rid of a truck load of unused code or streamlined some of the existing stuff.

But while the background work was something I wanted to do, the front end could have been left alone. Although let's be honest, it's me. That was never going to be left alone if I was doing an overhaul on the behind the scenes stuff.

Although as bloody usual Internet Explorer had to ruin my fun. I wanted to have the rounded corners on the blocks and CSS now has a nice little bit of code that handles that. But Internet Explorer 8 doesn't support that feature. Maybe it will be in IE9, but I wouldn't hold my breath. But sure what can ya do?

Maybe I will try and write a tweak just for IE but after looking at the site stats the other day it turns out I have eight visits a month that still use that god awful browser.


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