The problem with some companies is they can never get the workload just right. You are either working on massive projects at the same time, each with deadlines that keep shifting and thus changing the order of importance, or you've got nothing on and end up counting how many ceiling tiles there are on the floor. It's never a steady paced flow of work were you have enough to keep you ticking over each day.

FYI there are four hundred and eighty five on mine.

I'm not like the lady friend, who has blogged about liking massive workloads. Give me a steady flow of work so that I am busy throughout the day any time. I don't mind deadlines, they are just one of life's little annoyances, but I do dislike having big deadlines at the same time. More than that though I hate having absolutely nothing on at all.

Bringing us to my current working predicament. Having been involved in two big projects the last few weeks I now have nothing on at all. One project was dropped by the client because of some issue they had with a social network (no names being mentioned but there was a movie about said social network recently so you can figure it out which one it is yourself). The second project I managed to complete on time, but have nothing to replace it now.

So basically I am spending my days making work for myself. Fixing typos on the internal wiki pages and adjusting monitoring alarms slightly so they are a fraction of a percent better than before.

Hell I had so much time on my hands yesterday that I ended up writing the first chapter of my next book. I haven't even finished the last chapter of my current book yet.

No doubt something will fall in my lap soon enough and I will once again be so flat out busy that ranting will become a luxury reserved for home hours. But until then I might end up ranting more, if nothing else just to pass the time.

Oh and playing Doodle Jump on my phone of course, but sure I do that all the time anyway ;)


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