Funny Trend


I'm noticing a funny trend with some readers of The Bauble.

While talking about blogs with a friend of mine who also blogs, although in a much more structured fashion because it's a blog about food, we got to discussing people leaving comments on the entries we post. How complete strangers will comment directly on the site, but our friends and family will comment on Facebook or email or chat.

One thing I've noticed is that some people will come to the site, having seen on Facebook or Twitter that a new entry is up, and read it. Then go back to Twitter/Facebook to leave a comment about the entry, rather than leave said comment on The Bauble.

She reckons it is because I am underestimating the levels of lazy people have. That they would rather comment on one spot than fill out two extra boxes on my site.

She's probably right. Hell if I could get the site to generate rants on its own I would :D.


Banana Joe | Mon, 28 Mar 11 12:26:33 +0100

In response to your lazy people post:

I am shocked and appalled as every time I go to the trouble of leaving a comment on this esteemed blog, I have to do it at least 3 times because an irritating jester head pops up and tells me it didn't I have to write the whole thing again and sometimes I forget what I said so then I have to think of something else...BUT I persevere and do not take the lazy way out by commenting on sites like fb/twitter, where leaving a comment is an easier process btw...

(I'm gonna get a slap for that aren't I?) :)

blue_jester | Mon, 28 Mar 11 12:52:06 +0100

The fact you get it three times might indicate that you don't fill in everything the way you should. So yes, yes you are going to get a slap :P

Define easier? No captcha is it IS IT!!! Well I never. I wonder if I removed the captcha would I see an increase in comments, interesting. Feature creep :D

Shortie | Mon, 28 Mar 11 15:27:09 +0100

I HATE feature creep. It annoys me. In an effort to annoy you in a similar capacity I might just pop on over to Facebook and comment on the status update for this entry. Face burn.

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