Moving Along Nicely


This will be a short entry, just to help me pass the time in work to be honest. Yes, that's right, I use The Bauble as a time killer just like the folk that come and read it.

The lady friend was contacted by the recruitment company in Canada, the one that had been over recently for that talk. The one that resulted in me walking into an interview in jeans and a hoodie while the rest of them had suits on. Supposedly, upon returning to the Great White North, the interviewer got in contact with the recruitment folks saying that they were interested in hiring me for the new project that is coming online.

So much so that the lady friend has been told she has to get her CV in order so that she can start applying for jobs now. I'm not really a betting man but that sounds like things are coming together nicely. So we will wait and see what happens on that front, but things do seem promising.

Short blurb on other things. I have started the creation of the second website, dedicated to writing rants only. It's just a matter of finding time to work on it is the problem, but it is getting made slowly.

Plus, interesting little fact. Since March 28th I've written 25413 words of my third novel. That's right, I was stupid enough to just start writing a new one after finishing the previous one. For any stats junkies out there check this out. My normal word target per day is five hundred words. Meaning at the minute I've written just over fifty days worth of words in eighteen days. That ain't bad going at all. If I keep that pace up I should get a third book written in no time.

I really should start trying to get one of them published I guess :)


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