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It is said that throughout your life you will notice a bunch of cycles occur. Events that happen in blocks, mainly due to the fact that when you hit a certain age so do your friends.

For example turning eighteen. Everyone does it and generally you have a party to signify this "massive" step forward into adulthood. But in that year all your friends turn eighteen as well. The end result: everyone has a dozen birthday bashes to go to.

Turning twenty-one? Same deal, only this time parental units are involved because they want to continue on an old tradition. Once again you see your year disappear in the blink of an eye as you go to party after party.

Fun is had to be sure, but you wonder how you managed to survive such a jam packed year. Humans are fragile creatures at the end of the day, right? Only so much partying before the migraines come a-knocking.

Or the hangovers for normal people ;)

Right now I am entering the 'Wedding Cycle'. A lot of my friends are all around that age where they want to settle down and what not. As such weddings have been cropping up in the last few years, all of which have been good fun. This year, however, there are no less than four weddings to go to. One has been and gone and was great craic it has to be said. Three are fast approaching and as Dagda would have it they are all within a six to eight week period.

If I am lucky.

The old piggy bank is going to take a bit of a beating it has to be said. Accommodation costs, travel costs, beer tokens. Even though I don't drink you would be hard pressed to find a hotel/venue that gives out free soft drinks to a twenty eight year old. Believe me, I've tried it once :D

That's right, I have no shame.

Then again its great to be there on the day, enjoying all the fun and making a few new memories.

Of course this means I better go and buy a new suit, because I discovered at the last wedding that my recent weight shedding has made my current, once perfectly fitting, suit appear like I am borrowing my dad's clothes. One size too big and hanging off my. Like I am re-enacting the final scene from "Big".

You'd think with all the fatty good food at these weddings that I would be having trouble keeping the pounds off.


jm91509 | Tue, 19 Apr 11 14:42:23 +0100

PORTAL 2!!!! :)

pipgov | Tue, 19 Apr 11 15:44:39 +0100

i thought you looked shorter last time I saw you!

blue_jester | Tue, 19 Apr 11 15:50:23 +0100

@jm91509 counting down the days until there will be cake! Better be bloody cake this time.

@pipgov keep dreaming hobbit :P

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