Coding With Migraines


One thing that the lady friend will tell you (or complain about if truth be told) is that when I have a migraine I tend to not rest as much as I should. She's right in a way, I push myself when I should just take pills and do nothing. But I don't.

Why? Well mainly because I get migraines so often during these months that if I was to do nothing every time I had one I wouldn't do much of anything until summer comes around. Plus as any migraine sufferer will tell you you learn which ones you can "handle" better. Which ones mean bed straight away for twenty hours of crazy sleep and which ones mean pills and coffee will get you through the painwall. Not to mention that I hate wasting time doing nothing all because my brain has decided to flip out for no valid reason.

Last night I was having one of those grand old brain pains (it's all in my head, ha ha) and decided that I was able to handle it enough to avoid bed and do some work on my new writing orientated website. Not a bad idea, since the domain is now live and I figure I better start popping up some content soon enough. What I worked on was Twitter feeds and how to pull them out of Twitter using OAuth and not the widgets. The Bauble's Widget is fine for here, but I wanted a different look and feel for my Twitter on the writing site.

After two hours I got it working, but looking at the code now I have no idea how. It's there, I know it is working in the demo area. Yet when I look at the code I am confused as to exactly why it all works. I didn't even comment it to help my future-self understand how shit works.

I had been stuck on this little coding puzzle for a few days now and it's great to have it done and dusted, even if it appears to be from magic. It would seem that when a person with a migraine writes code they get the code done right. Could it be possible that I have found one benefit to having a neurological condition as annoying as migraines? That the simulated parts of the brain work better, like a slave ship of neurons being whipped by a nerve rot slave master?

If only I had harnessed this "code-state" in college!

On the plus side a huge chunk of the writing blog was implemented last night, so it won't be long before I start spamming people with dribbles from that as well :D


Shortie | Thu, 05 May 11 14:41:07 +0100

I don't complain about it smart arse I simply think that sometimes with migraines you put yourself through too much

blue_jester | Thu, 05 May 11 14:58:31 +0100

I wasn't being a smart arse :P I said you're right :D

Shortie | Thu, 05 May 11 14:59:20 +0100

Sure that's no surprise there - I am always right :D

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