Dear Government


Dear Government,

While it is clear that the country is in the shitter and you need to come up with revenue might it be possible to stop spinning huge levels of bullshit trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes? It would appear that during this time of economic uncertainty that Ireland has created a brand new industry: The Levy Industry.

First we had the Health Levy. Then the Income Levy. Coming soon is the Insurance Levy (which is brilliant might I say. Talk about being an incentive to not get insurance for something). Now we have the latest brilliant levy, complete with wool pooled over eye trick.

The Private Pension Levy.

Here is yet another 'honey pot' that you were in no way involved in creating but want to get your teeth into. Private Pensions funds were creating by people, regardless of the sector they are employed in, out of their own pocket. Not the Government pockets. Not the tax payers. Their own pockets.

Things were cut back, avoided, went without, so that payments could be made into an alternate fund. So where exactly do you get the right to impose a levy on this now? Answers on a postcard, but any that say "No right at all fuckers!" would not be too far from the truth.

What's more is how you passed this new levy off as part of the Initiative to Create Jobs. Slip it in under the guise of one thing when it is really another. You should have just called it the "Mutton dress as lamb" Levy and have done with it.

The people voted you in because they wanted change. They knew they were getting bullshit, ninety-nine percent of what any politician says is bullshit while the final percent is just hot air. But your predecessors were great at creating more things that reduced the money a family had to spend and then wondered why people were getting annoyed with them.

Here's the dirty, dirty secret: you are never going to stimulate the economy into any sort of recovery mode if the small disposable income people have keeps getting chipped away at. In fact a better method to creating jobs would be to create a Spending Initiative (note: not a levy on spending although that is next no doubt) so people want to spend money. More money spent more interest in expanding business. More expansion of business more jobs.

A-fucking-duh :P

But you'll carry on creating levies and doing the exact opposite of what every person in the country knows you should to because that is the only way your minds work.

I'm going to start holding my breath now. Not because I figure I can hold it until you come up with a good plan, but because no doubt the Oxygen Levy is going to be coming online soon.


pipgov | Tue, 10 May 11 22:03:17 +0100

My goodness my Guinness that was a good rant, hasn't been a masterpiece like that for a while, but trust that shower of lying scum-suckers to provide the adequate fuel for the fire! Time to start stuffing cash under the fire retardant mattress for 'old Derek'!

blue_jester | Tue, 10 May 11 23:28:26 +0100

Trust them indeed the shower of whores a rant like in the days of old. A masterpiece you say... why thankee kind sir.

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