Wedding Wonders


Myself and the lady friend are just back from the wedding of one of my oldest friends. Two if you include his new wife, although I've known her a little less.

As is always the way at weddings of friends or family it was, without a doubt, a fantastic day for everyone. Particularly the newly weds themselves. The sun was splitting the trees, the guests behaved in a somewhat civilised manner when needed (and an absolutely bat shit crazy one as the night went on). Overall it seems that everything went off without a hitch.

Even if the bride did leave the poor old groom waiting for near half an hour at the altar. But sure tradition dictates that he has to be sweating a little before she arrives late. Whose ever been to a wedding ceremony that started on time anyway?

From ceremony to reception to festivities during the night, it was all pretty damn amazing and great to be part of. During the entire thing there were many "deep" conversations with all of the lads (the gang for want of a better term) and some not so deep ones that generally ended with the line 'your ma!'.

Or in one particular, repeated, case 'how's your sister?'.

Although all I had to do was stand up to make that particular statement be retracted rapidly. Height has a great advantage sometimes. You can tower over people to get good photos in a crowd or you can imply to somebody smaller than you that gravity can make your fists hurt a lot more because they have further to travel.

But it was all said in jest anyway.

What made the entire event all the better was that there was just an overall sense of happiness and joy in the place as everyone in attendance wanted nothing more than to make this day as special as it could be for the happy couple.

And happy couple they are.

So to wrap this entry up before I no doubt muddle something up and put my foot in it: Congratulations Aidan and Catherine Cox (yes you have to take his name, it was in the document you signed)!


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