Should Have Been A Doctor


Sometimes I look back on my education choices and wonder if I made the wrong call. This IT lark it isn't all it's cracked up to be. I should have gone into medicine and become a GP. Hell these days when I visit one it seems like I do most of his work.

Take today for example.

I have a very weird, annoying, unmovable migraine since Friday lunchtime. Stabbing in my right eye, a constant throb of pain. Resistance to any meds or home-remedies to get rid of it. It was very annoying and destroyed a sizeable chunk of my weekend.

Thankfully the lady-friend's parental units are more than aware of my affliction and don't think me a rude ass when I am a bit quieter than normal. They know the score and provide me with pills and coffee.

It's a winning situation :D.

But this current migraine, which is only dying down now, caused some concern last night. Mainly because it was still hanging around and causing hassle. Primarily because it woke me at three in the morning in such pain that I was seriously considering going to an A&E to get something to help.

After finally getting back to sleep thanks to some late night Nordie Nightgale action from herself, I decided a trip to the doctor might be in order.

As usual it was a near pointless exercise that cost me fifty-five euro. I can be ass-raped in the Phoenix Park for less.

Since moving away from the hometown and getting a job in the city centre I have shifted my GP to a handy one. Just around the corner. I have so far used him once. He seemed to do the job. So I figured that going to him with a migraine related issue might yield better results than it has with doctors past.

Turns out that was just the migraine pain talking. :|

It would appear that doctors in Ireland know very little or just plain don't care about migraines. They never seem to offer anything new by way of advice or even medication. Hell I was able to tell the doctor about a new pill that is available in Northern Ireland. He had to go and Google it because it wasn't in his little book.

Surely that deserved a few quid off the price of the visit.

Then I had to go through the sixteen year history and tell him all of the drugs I've tried and how they failed. Only to be told that I hadn't tried them all obviously, just the same ones over and over.

He then tried to prescribe me something I've been on before only shutting up when I had recited a sizeable chunk about what the drug does from his little book. Then and only then did he believe that maybe, just maybe, I had tried that one.

He even went and suggested Zonmig would do the job. Zonmig. Twenty euro a tab, I could get E cheaper your pharmaceutical robbing whores!

End result? I am now trying another new drug to see if that helps at all.

Ah the joys of being a migraine suffer in a country that has a health service mainly concerned with money making. I wish migraines on every GP I have ever seen.

Now...if only my migraines granted me super powers to inflict others with them :|


Al | Tue, 12 Jul 11 14:54:30 +0100

Firstly I'd like to say that I like my doctor. He has been good to me down the years and was also my Dads doctor.

However when I first went to him to actually get these pesky headaches diagnosed as migraines and get some proper medication he wasn't sure what to prescribe. Luckily he had some sample tabs he'd been given by Glaxo in his emergency bag, so he gave me those :) Funnily enough they are still the best tabs I've found (imigran)!

The waking up with the feeling that my skull is going to split open is a fairly new thing to me. I'm seriously considering going to a neurologist at this stage.

blue_jester | Tue, 12 Jul 11 15:21:03 +0100

@Al: Well at least that was something. First time I went to a doc about mine he told me I had a brain tumor. Just what a thirteen year old wants to hear :D

Yea I think neurologist is my next step if things keep going.

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