Do Jesters Dream Of Migraine Sheep


At least once a season a migraine sufferer will get one mother-fucker of a migraine. One that destroys an entire day if not longer. One that wakes them up from their sleep with such brain destroying pain in the skull that smashing your head into a wall repeatedly seems like a great way to relax.

If you're lucky you only get one of these bastards, so four a year.

That's right, four migraines this bad is counted as a blessing, since you can get so many more.

I was "fortunate" enough to get one of these "wonderful" migraines late Friday night/early Saturday morning. At three in the morning I was woken from dead sleep with an almighty pain in my head. I took tablets. Dunked my head in cold water to cool down. Got back to bed. Got up again to try something else. Basically it was not a good night. I even woke up the lady friend with all my nightly activities. For whatever reason nothing worked, I could not get back to sleep and the pain continued to get worse and worse.

Finally, at around half eight, the lady friend found a small stash of pills that usually do the trick. I downed them and managed to get a few hours sleep. At least enough to calm the migraine down to bearable levels.

Now, I've talked before about the different sorts of migraines out there. Ones with visual effects, ones that heightened the senses too much. I've had ones that cause crazy dreams to happen as well. I've had some mad dreams while "enjoying" a migraine that were off the wall mental. I dunno why this happens, maybe the migraine stimulates those areas of the brain so much that the dreams just happen.

Yesterday's little migraine adventure resulted in, by far, the maddest dream I have ever had. After getting to sleep I managed to get four hours of sleep in. During this time, wherever the migraine was in my head, it managed to stimulate my memories.

I literally relived nearly every memory I had in a very condensed manner. I was six years old while sitting the Leaving Cert. I was still in a stroller eating ice-cream at my Nan's funeral. It was the strangest and most baffling thing I have ever dreamt. At one stage during the whole dream I remember the phrase being said "You're whole life flashes before your eyes before you die."

I can tell ya I was shit happy when I woke up at that exact moment. As everyone knows logic doesn't really apply during a dream, or common sense, but a bit of panic kicked in that I was somehow biting the bucket. Plus the dream was so vivid I wasn't able to tell myself I was dreaming.

So thank you migraine, for once again keeping me on my toes. You neurologic fuckwads. Oh when I find a way to get rid of you forever you'll be left at the bottom of a metaphorical river like a sack of unwanted kittens :P


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