The Lucan Gig Video


As has been my habit over the years on stage I tend to take videos of some of my gigs. Generally these videos are for my own purposes. I watch them back after the gig, trying to piece together what worked well, what needs work and what should never be said again.

Most of the time when I upload a video to The Bauble it is of entirely (mostly) new material. This time, however, it is a new video of old material. There are many reasons for this.

1) It was my first gig in a year, so I wanted to see how I did.

2) It was my first gig in my hometown, that stuff has gotta get recorded.

3) I wanted a video of it :P

So for those that missed it because they live in Lucan but walking a few feet down the road is too much hassle and for those that couldn't make it here it is.


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