Slow Day


It's kinda quiet in work today. Which is nice for a change. I've had a lot of hectic days that went on a few hours past home time in the last two weeks, so it's nice to have nothing to do for a change. I can tidy up some scripts and catch up on documentation that has been left in the "Not important enough to get done now" pile.

Of course the hectic days have not been limited to just work. Once again I have a ton of things to be doing outside the office and no time to be doing any of them.

The hunt for a few more comedy gigs is going very poorly. Any of the clubs I've contacted haven't gotten back at all. Going to have to put in some face time and ask for a slot or two in person.

I've a bunch of code that needs to be done for The Bauble. Stuff that I have been meaning to get to for months now but just don't have the time.

Other odds and ends going on that eat into free time as well.

I reckon if I had a time-machine it wouldn't be to travel through time, rather to extend the hours in a day so I can catch up on a few things :D.

Although having this poxy cold that I can't seem to shift isn't helping matters much. I'd elevate it to a man-flu if that wasn't such a stupid thing to do. It's a cold, man up you weaklings :D.


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