Tis The Season - No Not That One


The season is once again upon me, the one that happens twice a year: Migraine Season.

Given how changeable the weather is in Ireland during Spring and Autumn I have developed a deep hatred for both these transitional seasons. Even though I never fully got the why of it, sudden weather changes and migraines seem to be linked. Anyone I know that suffers from them has this strange ability to predict rain with a degree of accuracy that would put most meteorologists to shame. In fact it is a wonder that more migraine folk don't work in weather forecasting, it would be 100% more accurate and you wouldn't get any of this "It will snow next week...oh look a heat wave" lark.

Reason for this rant? Well because I have a poxy migraine that I can't shift for the last few days. One that isn't bad enough to have me laid up in bed but is annoying enough that I can't think straight.

"What's new?" I hear you say.

Then again as irritating as the "light" migraines are Autumn/Spring generally sees an increase in the ones that cause me to "Talk To God On The Big White Phone". The last two times we visited the lady friend's parental units for a weekend had me "enjoy" one of those rat bastard migraines.

End result, I am the sort of bastard that wishes for Winter to hurry in because at least then it will be cold and a bit more constant with the weather. Like right now, even as I type this, the sun is shining in all it's glory. It was fecking raining when I came into work. How can my brain handle that sorta crap?

An odd thing, that probably isn't helping with the migraines either, is my lack of time concept thing. Since the clocks went back an hour my body hasn't adjusted it would seem. I am waking up an hour earlier than I normally do. Not so bad at the weekend but when you keep waking up at six in the morning for work instead of seven it makes the day seem that little bit longer.

First time that I can remember my no time concept having a somewhat physical effect. Better figure out a way to right that, can't be having such an early start to the working day every week.

Some site update news as well. I've been doing a lot of drawing lately but since I broke the Gallery section a few months back haven't been able to upload anything to The Bauble for folks to see. Once I get a bit of time I plan on fixing the Gallery, both the bit you view and the bit I use to upload images, and will be firing up some drawings.

It's not all go these days but it ain't nearly as quiet as it should be :D


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