The Irish Times And Kate Fitzgerald


Over the weekend the lady friend suggested that I read an article in a newspaper about a truly sad story. The story of a young woman who took her own life for reasons fully known only to herself.

This isn't going to be an entry about her, or her story. Words have been written on that topic, much better than I ever could, in places elsewhere. This isn't even going to be a long entry.

This entry is purely so that I can add my voice behind the growing movement that is sweeping the "local" Internet following the death of this young woman.

This movement is not about her death. Nor is it about helping understand what led her to take her life, even if there ever could be a full understanding of that. The movement is about preventing people who think they have "power" from censoring articles they don't like. From censoring the Internet.

It is about showing that the Internet is not a blackboard where paragraphs can be rubbed out and everyone can pretends they were never written in the first place.

It is about replicating information in so many places that it becomes permanent.

People are adding the following links to their blogs to point at reliable information. Information that can't be removed just because somebody in a PR company is shitting their pants at the truth coming out.

The links of importance:

link #1

link #2

If, for some reason, the true versions of these articles are ever removed again (it has happened already but after the lies of the PR company came out the originals were soon replaced in most places) I will update this entry to contain the full articles as well.

It takes no effort to do the right thing, a lesson some people seemed to have missed completely.


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