Festive Fun Finished


First post of 2012, guess I might as well use it to wrap up what I did in 2011 then. :)

Hadnt realised how little posting I had done over the Holiday period, but isn't that always the way? Never enough time to meet up with everyone and do everything you want to get done.

How was the Holiday Season for everyone then?

For me it was fantastic. From meeting up with friends to spending time with family to giving out gifts and getting some awesome presents (one of which is being used to type up this very rant) it was a great Christmas. Topped off by a nice and simple New Year's Eve celebration, even though the changing of a number isn't really that big a deal to be honest :D.

On Christmas Morning I was like an oversized kid as the lady friend handed me my new Asus Transformer Tablet. As I opened it I thought that maybe I had cheaped out a bit on her gifts. That thought lasted about ten seconds. I had a new toy to play with after all ;)

Of course a break from work and fun times planned would be nothing without a migraine to join the party and try and ruin things. This festive time was no exception. My last day of work was December 22nd, which I had to call in sick. I had been up since 2 am with a migraine that made me seriously consider driving a drill through my eyeball to get rid of the pain. There was a bit of guilt a well calling in sick that day so I ended up having to swap around my first offical day of holidays to cover the sick day and went into work on the 23rd. But sure these things happen.

The migraine decided to stick around for most of the time as well. On Christmas Day I had to take a midday, pre-dinner, nap to try and get rid of some of the pain. New Year's Eve had a similar situation arise. All in all I think the migraine enjoyed more of the Holidays than I did.

But alas, never to be one to let a migraine fully ruin my fun, I stubbornly ploughed through and still enjoyed myself. Sure how could you not when everything happening around you was filled with contagious fun and merriment? Plus I have another week off work, so happy days.

Now all I have to look forward to is moving into the new house with the lady friend at the end of the month. Oh wait, that is pretty damn exciting stuff, looks like 2012 is off to a great start already :D


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