17 And Counting


Before Christmas myself and the ladyfriend handed in our notice to the landlord, a thing we had both been looking forward to for a while now. Even before we decided on buying a house, telling the laziest man alive that we were moving out was going to be a moment to cherish.

As of this rant there are only 17 days left on our time in the apartment.

Not that we are counting or nothing :D.

We haven't started packing a thing, nor have we even got the keys to the new place, so we are hardly in a position to do anything really. But, all going according to plan, we should have the keys in a little over six days.

All the paper work has been handed into the bank. I now know exactly how much I am worth if I die (sadly it wasn't in the self-assessed trillion region). Bar one little legal document that we need to sign on the day we get the keys we are all set.

Scary biscuits I can tell you.

This is real grown up shit, for a man that spends time playing computer games and acting the clown :D

Tick tock goes the clock on the apartment. Now just have to keep the fingers crossed for a little bit longer to be sure that no unforeseen bumps derail the moving van.


=^-^= | Tue, 10 Jan 12 10:05:29 +0000

Congrats guys! So when's the house party?! ;)

maloner | Tue, 10 Jan 12 10:51:24 +0000

good stuff!

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