And We're Off


RTÉAs of right now I officially own some property with the lady friend. We are grown ups in the eyes of the banks and kids with a new toy in the eyes of our reflections in the mirror.

Last night we got the keys to the house and even had our first meal in it. Sure it was a pizza ordered from the local take away, eaten while sitting on the kitchen window sill because we gots no furniture, but it counts.

Being the clever clogs that we are some boxes were brought along and the floor of the sitting room is now home to a few dozen books. To be joined at the weekend by a library worth more.

Ah the joys of moving.

In a way it is a relief that we got the keys before the weekend. Since everything had gone so smoothly with the banks and solicitors we had gotten a little ahead of ourselves and ordered things to be brought to the house this weekend. Three double beds and mattresses to be precise. It would have been a tad tricky to fit all that through the letterbox and I didn't really fancy having to explain to people that I was breaking into my own house, I just didn't have the key yet. Thankfully that conversation with the neighbors now doesn't need to happen.

Although the neighbors are living up to the stereotype of being "nosy". Every car that passed the house last night slowed to a crawl, in two cases stopping entirely, to look in at the lights in a house that has been empty for a while. Being a born and bred Dubliner this was a little disconcerting, but the lady friend found it "nice and country".

Bless her cotton socks.

Having the keys now means we can do some bit-by-bit moving as during the week. We have a week left on the lease in the apartment, rent being due on the 28th, so we plan on making the most out of it for packing and storage purposes. If I had my way I'd give the keys back to the landlord at 11:59:59 on Jan 27th.

But there's no need to be that petty, right ;)


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