Final Stroke


So now that I got the bulk of the gallery sorted I finally managed to find some time to get back into my artwork properly. The move did eat up some time, but now that we are all settled in the house and enjoying the world's most awesome sofa (pictures coming soon have no fear ;) ) I am going to start making a little time to get back in art proper. I've had a few Noir pictures in my head as well as some paintings that I would like to get done. Ah to be a millionaire :).

Anyway tonight I finished the final panel-picture for a painting that the lady friend had asked me to do for her way back when we still lived in Raheny. I never managed to start it pre-move and only got two panels done post-move. Then stuff got in the way and blah blah blah insert lame excuse here for not finishing the painting. Tonight I just sat down for an hour and did the last bit. Once she dries they will be mounted on the wall.

The lady friend is very happy with the result, which is the main factor at the end of the day. If she didn't like it I'd have had to redo the entire thing. And since she has a small habit of spilling things by accident I find the finished product to be a tad ironic :D.
First panel is a bottle of wine, being poured.

Then we have the splash itself, flowing across the second panel.

And finally we have the glass catching the wine.

The glass itself and the bottle too I suppose are 'invisible'. The image is more a painting of flowing wine as oppose to wine being poured from a bottle. I have a slight 'rule' about my drip paintings that was broken a little with this one. Generally when I paint a 'drip' style image I want it to seem as if the paint is being poured onto the canvas from the top and spilling over an object until it hits the bottom. With these three images only two of them have followed this rule. The bottle does not have a 'starting' flow, so to speak. But then since it is a bottle of wine being poured I guess we can get away with it.

This is how they will be arranged when I put them on the wall at the weekend.

I may add another image to the gallery after they are mounted, depends how lazy I am :D


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=^-^= | Tue, 29 May 12 09:58:04 +0100

Very nice! :)

Number1 @ginja Art | Tue, 29 May 12 10:18:17 +0100


pip | Tue, 29 May 12 13:11:36 +0100

turned out great, should look awesome up on the wall.

Shortie | Wed, 30 May 12 09:39:17 +0100

I think they turned out great! Have a spot and all picked for them on the kitchen wall.

Drinking wine! My favorite thing! lol x

franyhi | Sun, 03 Jun 12 19:23:40 +0100

Freaking amazeballs. Don't line them up so obviously. Let the brain make the connection. Man, You could even paint in the background canvas and spiral

blue_jester | Sun, 03 Jun 12 22:35:36 +0100

Once up on the wall there is going to be gaps between them Franyhi, this was just to fit them all into the photo.

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