I've never been one for celebrating my birthday, I'm just one of those people. It falls fairly close to New Year and I always felt that it was asking a lot of people to have them try and come out when they are probably exhausted from the Christmas/New Year/Holidays action. My best mate, soon to be best man, celebrates his birthday exactly one week before mine. Generally we both have had relatively quiet affairs to mark the fact that neither of us has won a Darwin award.

That all changed last Friday night.

The lady friend, in all her super sneaky style, managed to pull of a joint surprise party for the pair of us to mark our turning thirty.

Well his turning thirty, I'm still clinging onto my twenties for the next few days with nails and teeth and super glue. Don't leave me youth, DON'T LEAVE ME!!!


So the plan was hatched, back in August apparently if some of the guests at the party are to be believed. Herself went about making contact with Gov's family and between the two started to organise things. Food, decorations, guest list. There was even a DJ and obligatory embarrassing slide show, supplied by another groomsman and his musically talented fella.

Just in case I didn't make it clear to you pair on the night, thanks a hell of a lot that was above and beyond a great thing to do.

The lady friend even managed to contact people that she has no direct connection to, an invite sending ninja is the only way to describe her at this stage. Folks that are working in foreign lands or ones that had to trek across the Himalayas fighting Frost Trolls and Dragons (if you were to believe to guys that had to travel from the far flung realm of Dublin. Seriously lads leave The Pale once in a while :P).

Both sets of parental units were in the one building, a feat not to be under-appreciated, along with the soon-to-be-in-laws.

There was food and drink a plenty and overall the night was by far an amazing party for all involved, both the conspirators and the guests alike.

Even pulling it off was a feat of genius. I'd like to think that I am not easily fooled but under the guise of a belated Twelve Pubs of Christmas session the aging members of our letter group were "tricked" into going to the party dressed in a Santa costume and Santa-style adult onesie.

Nothing like walking into a room full of practically everybody that you know dressed like a fool to make you feel like a fool ;).

Of course as Fate would have it the following day was an entire write off as I nursed a migraine. Seriously they couldn't just fook off at this stage?

A better way to mark the ending of a decade and the start of another a Jester could not ask for. A big thank you to all that made the party possible, to everyone that came from near and far and Blanchardstown, you chumps, to partake in night.

And of course last but by no means least the lady friend, who pulled of a little something magical that showed just how lucky I am. Thank you very much indeed.


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