Turning Thirty


Nobody enjoys the thought of getting older, let's be honest. Age brings with it a bunch of stupid quirks, such as not being able to do the same stupid shite you did when you were in your twenties.

Today is my day to turn old, to once again fail at trying to win a Darwin Award for another year, and despite all my best attempts and staring matches with the calendar to try and prevent it from turning ever onwards my birthday has arrived.

I've turned thirty.

Now, that isn't as bad a thing as it might sound. After all I feel the exact same now as I did when I turned twenty-one, or sixteen for that matter. So despite the mother figur asking me on the phone "How does it feel to be thirty?" I was able to surpress the blood urge to strangle the woman.

See, growth!

Only kidding mother figure, I'll kill you later.

But what makes turning thirty for me that little bit easier is the lady friend.

See, despite throwing an amazing surprise party the little planning ninja decided that she wanted to make sure I was surprised on my birthday as well. To that end she figured that my present should be something special and filled with surprise. So much so that despite it being seven o'clock at night I have only fully learned what the present is.

The little gem that she is has gone and organised a trip for the two of us to go and see the Northern Lights (among other things, but I have this obsession with the Northern Lights so that is the main point to tell folks at the minute). Of course you can't really see them in Ireland so she has only gone and booked us nearly a week in Iceland.

One very shocked, surprised and excited Jester is now sitting in his London hotel room typing this up. We fly out tomorrow to the land of ice and snow, where the sun rises at half eleven and sets at three. She has oddles (I can say that now I'm old) of things planned, including our tour tomorrow night to try and find the best vantage point to watch the lights.

There is wifi in the Hotel Berg where we will be saying for the rest of the week in Iceland so I will probably throw up a few rants of our adventure. Maybe even a few pics.

Did I mention just how awesome the ladyfriend is, because she is out of this fooking world amazing. Now that's an understatement!


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