Northern Light Hunting


We've been in Iceland for about six hours now and it is a place to be seen that's for sure

For starters there are no trees. Nowhere. Not a single one. The entire place is fields and hills and mountains and rivers but not a single tree. Not sure why, probably something to do with the volcanic activity in the area and the soil or something like that. But purely from a 'Let's drive around and see what's about' angle it is weird. No trees as far as the eye can see.

The lady friend, being on top of her game with this little trip, had a car hired and waiting for us at the airport. So we've been tipping around the area and seeing what's to be seen. It's very weird being on the other side of the road when driving, even more so because the car is flipped on the inside as well. Both of us have commented on how our left hand keeps going to change gear, but the stick is on the other side. The only time I've driven on the other side of the road in a legal capacity is in America and then it was an automatic. Still the roads over here are not exactly busy, the population is only in the two hundred thousand region, so that takes the edge of the driving curve. All in we aren't doing too bad with the motoring. Herself even went and got a GPS with the car, so we can just pop in the address and away we go.

Daylight is interesting as well, as in the lack of it. We landed at half ten in the morning GMT (same timezone as Ireland) and the sun was just starting to rise. It set again at three in the afternoon.

"Have you ever seen the sun set at three p.m.?"

"Aye, once when I was sailing the Arctic Circle."

Ah The Simpsons, a quote for every situation.

Anyroad tonight is our first night going to see the Northern Lights. The bus leaves at eight and will try hit a few of the best spots to see them. Failing that we get to try again every night we are here until we do see them. So all going well I should have some funky photos to put up online at some stage.

First I gotta put on my long-johns, it's fooking freezing up here.


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