Blue Lagoon


Yesterday I was at a place that I've never been before, a day spa. During her time researching the trip the lady friend went looking for things that had either "Blue" or "Jester" in the name and stumbled across The Blue Lagoon.

This is a day spa built around a naturally formed geothermal pool, or in simple speak "The water is warm by the magic of nature". Apparently a fissure in the earth heats the waters of the pool to around forty degrees and being lovers of all things geothermal the Icelandic people decided to use it for something. The reason the place is called The Blue Lagoon is because as the waters pass through the surrounding volcanic rocks and are heated they take on a blue hue.

Since we just finished watching the first half of Breaking Bad season five we both got a geek-themed giggle at the sight of the water. It looks exactly like the crystal meth the lads cook in the show.

Anyway the whole point of this trip as to see and experience the blue waters, which is what we did. You sign in, get changed into pool wear, put on your robe (if you're lucky enough to have paid for that package which the lady friend had figured she would before we arrived) and make your way pool side

There is a bit of a mind shift required once you are outside in your swimming shorts holding a towel. I mean come on, this country is where cold is born. It is freezing and yesterday was no exception. Then you are expected to just drop robe and dive into water? Madness.

Madness that leads to awesome. Yes it is freezing as you hang up the robe and make your way to the pool side but once you get in it is the perfect temperature for enjoyment. Think the most perfect bath you have ever taken and then increase the size of the tub. All done without having to twiddle with the hot and cold taps to adjust the water. It was amazing.

There are clouds of steam wafting up from the water and the pool itself is not packed with people so you have room to float around and enjoy yourself. The bar in the centre provides drinks of all sorts, the first one being free, and there is even a dude with a tablet taking photos of folk from the side and emailing them to you free of charge.

No rush, no mess, just relax and enjoy.

As you make your way around the blue waters you hit little pockets were the water is warmer than other areas, but not so much that it is uncomfortable. We floated about for nearly two hours, just soaking it all in (pun intended) and enjoying the view. Around the spa there are mountains with snow on the side, yet there we were swimming outdoors and not freezing our asses off.

Now, jumping out of the pool was suicidal it has to be said. A mad dash to the robe was required because the cold air made sure your remembered where in the world you were. But overall it was fantastic.

Of interest to migraine folks is this little bit of info. As we arrived at the spa I felt a migraine coming and took some tablets that sadly didn't kick in at all. Now most migraine people will attest to the fact that cold, particularly ice, to the head helps to dull the pain. So walking around Iceland with nothing but shorts on would seem like a good migraine solution, assuming you don't mind frostbite in other parts of the body. Once I got into the blue waters however the migraine vanished. As in completely. Since your head is above water and the body below it seemed to strike some perfect balance to get rid of the pain. I had warm waters around my neck, loosing all the muscles, and cold air on my forehead helping with the pain. When I got out of the waters to grab the camera the pain came back with some friends for fun but once I got back in the water it died off again. An interesting little find that the lady friend noticed. My pupils still had the tell-tale pin pricks of a migraine in full swing but there was none of the pain.

If only there was some geothermal pools in Ireland.


hoolio coolio | Tue, 08 Jan 13 19:57:17 +0000

I like these blogs they are witty and informative and have the added value of feeling like I'm reading someone's diary and getting away with it

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