Uncle Jester


I've always found that being the eldest in the family has had my brain always view my younger siblings as "little". Which is hilarious in itself when you take a look at The Brother just a few years younger than me. I may be six foot three but he towers over me at six five, not so little.

But all the same that mindset is always there, even though time is moving along and obviously we are all growing older. The little brothers and sister start to become people in their own right, with all the quirks and failures and epic successes that every single one of us has.

This is now a mindset that changed as of four a.m. this morning when my little sister became a mother.

Nothing changes your view of a person more than when they change from being the little sister always messing to the little sister with a baby.

A baby that is as cute as a damn button from the picture I got sent this morning.

So a big welcome to the family the newest addition: Chloe.

Now to start watching "Uncle Buck" for tips on how to be a great/crazy/monster-pancake-making uncle.


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