H Got Hitched


Wedding number two happened this weekend and just as before it was a blast. There is something really nice when everything about a wedding just seems to happen perfectly, causing no hassle for the happy couple. But what made this wedding nice was it was H, of The Roommate Chronicles fame, who was the blushing bride on the day.

Over the years myself and H have been mates we've shared many a tale and adventure and our respective partners have realised that joining us was the path to madness. When the four of us get together the craic is plenty and the wine, for them three at least, flows freely. So myself and the lady friend both agree it was great to see their big day go so smoothly.

Even the infamous Irish summer seemed to play along. It was pouring rain all morning, yet when it came time for the bride to get to the church the rain stopped. Then it rained during the ceremony and stopped long enough for folks to get to their cars so we could head to the reception. I even think the second dry spell lasted long enough for the happy couple to get some out door photos taken.

All the usual chaos, the fun kind, that happens at weddings took place here and the pair of them looked the picture of sick inducing happiness on the day. Many was the sore head the following morning, but all earned in the name of celebration.

To H and the Husband-of-H, many congratulations and years of good times ahead.


Sham | Wed, 26 Jun 13 20:06:51 +0100

Thanks jester, great day had by all, weather played along and H didn't put her foot in it all, even though she had some apprehension over what funny stories might come out about.

Sham the now hubby of H.

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