Ignore the Gap


Despite a promise on the last post to not leave it so long between rants I have left it a while between rants, but with good reason.

We've now entered into the final four weeks for the countdown to the wedding. In fact we are under four weeks now since it was exactly a month yesterday until the big day.

This has meant that a lot of the "spare" time myself and the lady friend have had in recent weeks has been taken up with various wedding related activities. Sending out invites, chasing people for replies, organising the last minute things that we couldn't get sorted any earlier. You know, time consuming tasks. Plus herself has been working away on some little bits and bobs for the wedding day itself and I have been funneling most of my artistic time working on a wedding related project that we can't speak of until after the day.

Which is killing me because it was a great idea that the lady friend had and one that would make for a nice picture or two.

But fear not they will be uploaded as soon as I'm allowed to.

Of course I reckon that the closer the wedding comes the less time I will have in the evenings to attempt a rant or two. Meaning that 2013 could be the year that The Bauble turned into a sporadic affair with a promise to return in full swing in 2014.

Ah sure what the hell, it's not like anybody reads this anyway :P


L | Thu, 17 Oct 13 20:42:23 +0100

Course not :P

L | Thu, 17 Oct 13 20:42:23 +0100

Course not :P

=^-^= | Thu, 07 Nov 13 14:23:29 +0000

It's still in my RSS feed! :D

Thank god Feedly stepped in to replace Google Reader!

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