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When I wrote 'Filthy Henry: The Fairy Detective' I never figured one day I would be getting interviewed about it.

Last weekend I went to Dublin Comic Con (keep meaning to put up an entry about that) and went to a panel on self publishing and indie authors. It was ran by four guys that each have books out in the big bad world and all went about it themselves. Telling the publishing world that they wanted nothing to do with them.

It was a really interesting panel it has to be said. Each of the lads gave an account of their own journey, from scribbles on the napkin in a coffee shop to actually holding a copy of their finished novel in their hands. They had all tried getting agents, shopping to publishers direct. Each had hit the same pitfalls I had myself. The agents wanted the full thing then never got back to them. Agents wanted things changed, when the changes were made nothing more was heard. Publishers looking for money from the author instead of giving them money. It was oddly encouraging to hear, even though it was sucky stuff that happened to them. It made me feel like I wasn't alone in the waters of writing.

But, after the talk, one of the lads, a guy by the name of Owen Quinn, asked to have a quick word with me.

Owen writes a series of books, that can be found at his site The Time Warriors, and goes around to cons to get more and more indie writers into his network. He interviews them and publishes the interviews on his site.

We exchanged some details and tonight I finished my interview. I have no idea when it will appear on his site, but I will let people know when I do myself. In the meantime why not pop on over to it and check out some of his work.


Niger the Boosch Whisperer | Sat, 16 Aug 14 22:38:22 +0100

Come out to the cons out here. Plan for San Diego Comic con and I will introduce you to the chief editor for first second publishing which is a McMillan company.


blue_jester | Sat, 16 Aug 14 23:04:53 +0100

Say what now? You and your connections out there, living the life so you are :) Will need to definitely look into this.

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