Baby Thumps


Spoiler: this is a post about baby stuff, if you are not interested I don't care :P

Recent weeks have seen some huge changes with regards Nugget and the lady friend. For starters the lady friend has now started to show her bump. This of course was met with much "OH MY GOD I AM HUGE!" being declared. For weeks leading up to the bump the declarations were "OH MY GOD I HAVE NO BUMP!" so you literally can not win on that front it seems.

Internally Nugget has discovered the joys of having limbs and is experimenting with them to the best of their little abilities and accommodation that you couldn't swing a hygienic cat in. The end result of this is that for the past few weeks the lady friend has been able to feel the dyslexic morse code being tapped out from inside.

For a long while the excitement was clearly visible as she would sit on the sofa watching something and grin with each little tap that came her way. I tried to feel them as well but they were so faint that ninety percent of the time I got nothing and the other ten had me double checking with herself that I had felt anything at all.

The best way of describing the effort would be like trying to catch a cloud using a sowing needle. You could argue that the taps were too soft to reach through to the other side, but it is more likely that my giant hands lack the required bits to feel out these subtle fist bumps.

I'm not Daredevil after all.

But over the last week the taps have grown into thumps and thumps that you can easily feel from the outside. There is no mistaking them now. Nugget is stretching and smashing their little arms into as much space as they can. These I can feel without having to double check with the lady friend that something definitely happened to be felt. It's an amazing sensation, one that you can't really get into words.

In fact the powerful thumps (no pun intended) have gotten so strong that this weekend we were able to see little movements along the outside of the bump. Freaky and freaking cool in equal measures. I'm just waiting for the moment we get to see little hand/feet/head impressions in the bumps as Nugget gets bigger :D


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