Return To The Con


Roughly this time last year, in fact more or less this exact week, I foolishly signed up to Dublin Comic Con to sell my books.

I say foolishly because at the time I was pretty sure not one book would be sold. Also the stall I was looking at buying listed the various types of people it was intended for. So I sent the organiser off a little email and posted a Tweet that led to no end of hilarious mix ups.

The Tweet went along the lines of "Signing up to something stupid, more to follow shortly..."

As it went out into the wide world myself and the ladyfriend knew what it was all about. However several of our friends privately contacted us and asked had I just made the worst pregnancy announcement of all time. Looking back over the words it was easy to see how somebody could have gone straight to the baby-conclusion.

One person even worked out that nine months later would be August and we'd be having a summer baby.

So a quick log onto every site my Twitter account is linked to and it was deleted toot sweet.

Well I learned my lesson this time. So, this post is not about another baby on the way. I've just signed up for Dublin Comic Con 2016, Nugget will still be an only child at that stage.

Everyone clear? Good.

This is good, because now I have a firm date to work towards for having the third novel finished and ready. Plus all the lessons learned after the last con. More stock. Some other bits for sale. Pop up banner.

Only two hundred and fifty odd days to go.

Good thing I actually bought the stall first thing yesterday as well, because they had sold out before four in the afternoon. I had even stalled ont he purchase and checked with the ladyfriend that I wasn't just being stupid by signing up again. The expletives that were used to describe how dumb I was being cannot be typed here.

Anyway I can't be writing anymore here, I need to be finishing that book. Fifteen chapters done of draft one, it isn't going to write itself.


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