One Year On (2)


Having no concept of time is one of my defining character traits. Not being able to keep track of the passage without major events to bookmark specific points. The birth of Nugget, myself and the ladyfriend's first child, was one of the most important fixed points in time for me. But it seems that noticing a full year had passed from that amazing day is still not in my wheelhouse of skills.

A. Full. Year.

Like, how in God's name did that happen? I blinked, I'm fairly sure I blinked, and Nugget changed from a tiny bundle of cuteness that could fit neatly on my lap to a toddler speed-walking away from me as I try to change her nappy. I'd heard that when you become a parent time seems to move faster but I never believed it. She figuratively changed in the blink of an eye.

What an insanely brilliant year it has been as well. From learning that myself and the ladyfriend can survive on six hours of broken sleep (although that only lasted a couple of weeks and then Nugget decided that she needed eight solid hours herself) to coming home after a crap day in work and see Nugget's gummy smile, it has been amazing.

Seriously there isn't a thing I would have changed from the past year. Myself and the ladyfriend got to celebrate Christmas and our own birthdays with this little nutter smiling away the whole time. We even had our first Mother's Day and Father's Day, all because Nugget was in our lives.

Even today Nugget showed just how brilliant she is. For a few weeks she has been giving people 'high fives' if you held out your hand. Today she started to blow kisses. True it was at anybody that smiled at her (so I may need to start sharpening the swords for future-boyfriend-skewering) but still. How somebody so small can bring so much joy into your life is a mystery and one I couldn't be bothered solving because it's just great having her here.

Not that she knows today is in anyway special. Except maybe that for dinner she had a slice of cake to smash into her face. Ah, sure you only turn one once I guess.

If you ever get around to reading this in the future: Happy Birthday Nugget!


Mk | Wed, 07 Sep 16 23:27:39 +0100

Especially lovely for the day that was in it

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