Hello Online My Old Friend...


...I've come to troll with you again!

Well not really. I've never been the sort to sit on the odd parts of the Internet having arguments with people over things that make absolutely no difference to me in the long run. But I am, finally, back online. At least in the domestic sense of the term.

See in Ireland things move slowly. Painfully so. For too long a single company owned the phonelines and in order to get anything done when it came to telecommunications you had to go through them. Sadly even if you try to go with another Internet provider you must deal with this shitehawk company from the dark ages. It took us a little over five months to just get a phoneline installed before we could get broadband. Five months of polite phonecalls followed up with slightly annoyed ones followed up with one hour long rant at the poor girl on the other end so that she would escalate it up.

But hey, these things happen. Not in modern countries, but definitely in Ireland.

Anyway I figured I would use my newly returned abilities to rant from home to update on the status of the latest book.

Book four in the Filthy Henry series, working title "Stolen Stories", is now draft one complete. Meaning I've about a thousand more hours of work to do before I'm even close to being happy about selling it. Draft one though, still nothing to sneeze at considering all that has been going on in mine and the lady friend's lives lately.

Sadly I am not entirely sure if I can get it ready in time for Dublin Comic Con. I'd rather not rush it just to have something on the stall to sell, even though it would be nice to return this year with four books ready to go. Still, stranger things have happened.

Like people buying the books to begin with ;)


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