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The problem with writing books is they take time. That's one of those "duh" statements for a person to make, but it's true. The problem with Time is you cannot store it up and use it as you see fit. Life takes Time, slicing it up. The trick to writing is to find Time.

I've been having trouble with that lately. Work, life, all the stuff in between. It is tricky getting blocks of time to just write the book, even when I am in the editing stages of one.

Damn all those people that can spend all day writing because they don't have boring jobs getting in the way.


Stolen Stories Draft number two was finished this morning. As happened with "Accidental Legend" I've pages of notes. New ideas to try and work in, plot points that need fixing. It is going to take a bit of time to work on.

What was that bit I said about time?

In order to not rush it for Comic Con (August 12th and 13th in the Convention Centre, Dublin ;) ) I am going to say it now: Stolen Stories won't be ready in time. But that just means when I do eventually get it done, you know I will have worked on it for the story and not for the sake of having it finished.

That's good, right?


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