Blinked Twice


I've never been good with time. Never have been, never will be. I understand the way we use it to measure duration but that's it. If you asked me about 'when' a thing happened you will get a response along the lines of "Sure that was only last week."

Spoiler alert: It rarely, if ever, was only last week.

But I blinked. I blinked twice, in fact, because today is Nugget's second birthday.

I just need a minute to let that one sink in.

It is her SECOND birthday. Her FIRST birthday, sure that was only last week. Right? I mean what the hell. How much stuff can be packed into a year so that before you know it your kid's birthday has come around once again.

Instead of the little gummy bundle of cuteness crawling around the floor that we'd gotten used to there is now this toddler telling the dog to stop eating her toast.

Spoiler alert: she gave the dog the toast first, then started to give out to him. Poor dog is going to wonder if all tiny humans are split personalities.

Gone is the tiny little person that could just about sit up on her own. Now we have a little girl who can have conversations with you. Sure these generally revolve around things like her wanting more blueberries or a glass of water, but she can actually say these things. It isn't a case of point and cry until what is sought after gets handed down. If she wants a cup of milk and you hand her water she damn well will let you know you got her order wrong.

Spoiler alert: I spend as much time mopping up spilled water as I do pouring water.

Saturday mornings are now filled with her little voice demanding to watch "Iom-man", which means Iron Man for those of you not fluent in toddler talk (least she picked the right side in that Civil War).

She is brushing her teeth. She is making "coffee" in her kitchen and giving it to people. She is having little tea parties with her teddy bears and dolls. She is this joyous little girl running around and making people smile with her antics.

She's two. With how bad I am with time I have a genuine worry that by the time I finish typing this she will be turning three already.

Happy Birthday Nugget.


Pete K | Thu, 07 Sep 17 14:04:45 +0100

"least she picked the right side in that Civil War" - Civil War I or II :)

blue_jester | Thu, 07 Sep 17 14:06:04 +0100

Both! Iron-man was right in both of them. TEAM STARK :D

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