Another Filthy Update


Two Filthy Henry related updates for this post. One minor, compared to the second.

First up, the minor update. I will be once again at Dublin Comic Con this August in Artists Alley. This will be my fourth year exhibiting at the event and I can't wait. What makes this especially announcement worthy is that I was selected by a panel to attend the convention this year.

As was bound to happen with the convention getting more and more successful, more and more people wanted to be part of Artists Alley. Initally the guys ran a system where anybody who had been in the alley the previous year was given a week headstart to attend the following year. This, of course, meant that some folk never got a chance to get in once the tables all went. So, in order to make it more fair, the application system was changed this year.

People who wanted to be in the alley had to apply, with no preferential treatment given, and show their portfolio of work. Then a panel of people from the convention organisers would select fifty lucky folk to get a slot.

I was selected. This might not be a huge deal for some folk, but it is for me. It means that a panel of strangers looked at my insane story telling collection and decided that it was good enough to be at the convention.

No details on table number or location just yet, but as soon as I get them I will post another update.

Now, onto the second announcement.

Stolen Stories, the fourth Filthy Henry novel, is available for purchase on Kindle and in Paperback.

This has definitely been the longest amount of time I've spent working on one of the Filthy Henry books, mainly down to the sheer size of it. In my typical fashion I kept the paperback price at default, which effectively means I make nothing from it, because Print on Demand is a costly thing. But for anyone interest in the latest adventures of Filthy Henry you can get it from Amazon

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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