Whine and Cheese: Part 2


I posted a rant a while ago that one of my friends described as lots 'whine with no cheese'. It was a rant that told the tale of all the crap that had happened since Jellybean's arrival. There was a lot of shit had gone on. While the rant was not meant as a 'pity me' sort of entry, the joke from the friend was apt. It was just a lot of complaining, other folk have things much worse in the grand scheme of things. The main purpose of the rant was so, in years to come, when the two kids were complaining about how tough their life was, I could call it up and show the ingrates what had happened.

Anyone wanting to refresh their memory of that rant can read it here.

But now sit down and let me tell you a tale of woe. A follow-up to the story of chaos.

It's whine and cheese part two ya'll!!!!!

Recently we've had some more illness in the house, nobody in the house was spared. The ladyfriend spotted it happening in me before I did. She asked if I had a migraine, even though I didn't, and said I looked off. I woke up the next morning with a dreadful chest infection, bad enough to make me take a sick day. Something I rarely do. To bring in the fun and games, the ladyfriend was struck down as well. Although she displayed some other symptoms that I didn't. Off to the doctor she went. Turned out she had, in the middle of Summer, caught pneumonia.

This was the start of our fun. Both of us were pretty tired from a few weeks of shitty sleep due to Jellybean deciding to audition for X-Factor every night at 2am for an hour or so. Piling all sickness made us feel a whole lot worse. Nugget, never one to be left out, then started coughing. Turns out she had a chest infection as well.

In a toddler this is bad. In Nugget, with her underlying lung issue, this becomes real bad real quick. Her croup flared up, meaning lots of barking coughs and no sleep for anyone.

Jellybean remained healthy, the little shit.

Nugget's coughing got so bad that ladyfriend had to bring her to an out of hours doctor at 3am, to get prescribed the stuff we usually do to help clear up her croup.

Jellybean then decided to start rolling. This is great, it shows he is developing well. Except he did it while on the sofa, onto the floor. Head bang, ladyfriend panic, off to the children's hospital she goes. Full of the guilts as well, which she shouldn't have had since I reckon the baby was basically plotting this all along.

So far, so fun. I mean kids, right...

Course when Jellybean started puking a few days later we had to worry about whether or not he was concussed from the fall. There was a lot of puking, a lot. Ringing the doctor meant we were given t he advice of bringing him in. To check everything out. Another trip to the hospital. At this stage we've used the Nanny Babysitting Services a few times to look after Nugget. What's one more time, right?

In the hospital, turns out he isn't concussed. Fantastic news. However he has a viral infection.

What's the worst that can happen?

Roll on the next morning when myself and the ladyfriend both wake up with the viral infection. Talking to God on the big white phone, firing out of all ends. The sort of stuff you read in the Old Testament.

It was fun.

Nanny Babysitting Services rocked in again, taking the kids away so we could suffer in silence. Twenty-four hours later we got over the worst of it. Except Nugget now had it. We collected her, left Jellybean with Nanny, and nursed the little one back to health. Then Nanny was struck down, but she is an odd lady. Said she was happy to do it all again if meant helping us out.

Family are strange. We're grateful for that in ways words can never express.

Then we move along a few days, nothing happened. Except today the ladyfriend wakes up feeling horrible. Off to the GP, who then sends her to hospital. Turns out the pneumonia hasn't cleared up and is now even worse. A night stay in the hospital, on a trolley in hall, is her reward.

Just to give you all a timeline for the above...this is all the last nine days.

I'm sorta wondering where we go from this. How do you take eleven in the shitstorm stakes and raise it?

With any luck the ladyfriend will be sorted after this visit and we can get a bit of a breather. But I think the universe has other ideas.

It always does.


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