Radio Silence


Back online, finally, after a month of hassle with my hosting company. Not that I have anything particularly wonderful to say and I am sure my rants go out to an audience of none these days. Still, it's good to be back.

First up: The Migration.

My hosting company recently sold the hosting arm of their business to another company. No big deal on my end, except the new company decided to migrate accounts over to a new server about two months ago. I've been involved in migrations before. They can be a pain in the ass if not planned out correctly. You need to make sure that everything is moved over to the new server and that you redirect things, take a diff copy after the cutover, then test things are all good. The new hosters did none of this. Instead they completely borked my account on both old and new servers.

For about a month there The Bauble is completely offline and since I have it as the single access point for the writing site as well it meant no updates anywhere.

Many mails back and forth with support (which I hated every minute off because they were the sort of support guys who do one thing and then close a ticket without checking everything else) and I finally got the new server working for me. Except then a bunch of my code stopped working. So a bit of a refactor over the holiday season and we are, finally, back in business.

In writing terms I've just finished the second draft of my sci-fi novel, working title 'Duplex Tempus'. I'm pretty happy with how it is shaping up. There are some subplots that I just cut and working through the draft I had a few ideas to change things around, so draft three will be a busy one. The aim is to have the book fully finish in time for Dublin Comic Con in August. Now I had big plans of doing that when working on 'Stolen Stories' and ended up not being ready in time at all. But sure you can't rush mediocrity.

Finally I've had a great Christmas with the family. Compared to last year, which was a little chaotic, we had a nice rhythm to things this year. Being Santa is definitely more fun than believing in him, particularly when the lady friend gets on board with Die Hard playing during present assembly as a 'tradition that we will keep going'.

Onto a winner there I can tell you.

The look on Nugget and Jellybean's faces when they saw the presents was heart warming. Writing about magic in the Filthy Henry novels is one thing, but seeing it in the eyes of your kids is something that would make anyone believe that magic is real. Even though Jellybean is too young to truly get what is going on, the wonder at toys that are his was still great to see. No longer does he have to steal the Iron-man from big sis anymore :)


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