Second First Birthday


It happened again!

Well it didn't really, but then I can't think of anything else to open with. Today marks the anniversary of Thomas' arrival into the world. He turned one.

Making it another 'first birthday' in our little household.

We marked it as we usually do, because we aren't horrible parents, and had some family around for cakes, sweets and celebrations.

To be honest it was the longest fast year ever. I've posted a few entries on the whirlwind of shit that was the last year in terms of the string of bad luck we had. I'm actually amazed we came out the other end with a modicum of sanity left in our heads.

Well the lady friend still has some sanity. As usual I'm skirting the crazy side of things just for shits and giggles. But the wee lad seems to be taking after his old man in that regard. To say he is bat shit crazy is an insult to crazy shitting bats.

Or even bats that just take crazy shits.

But out the other side we did come, and Thomas is the proof that everything that the universe throws at you is just highlighting how worth it things are at the end of the day. Sure he basically screamed the house down today when people gave him presents and we helped to open the paper, but who wouldn't? I mean that is a heinous war crime right there. Then he looks up, gives that cheeky smile that is all his own, and face plants into the rug on the floor to wiggle his bum.

I haven't really figured out what his fascination with face planting into rugs is, but he doesn't cry when doing it so I'm just going to let that continue.

Of course now I have to remember write two rants like this each year, just so neither of them thinks there is a favourite.

I swear if I don't get a good nursing home there is going to be some serious haunting taking place when I pass away.


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