Now she is four


It's that time of year again, Olivia has turned another year older and another year cuter.

This year we did something a little different, to paraphrase Monty Python, and had her birthday in a play centre. This had the knock on effect of Olivia being able to ask around some of his friends from playschool/montessori. I won't lie I was a little worried at this.

I'm old. I've seen the internet. Stories about kids asking their classmates to a birthday party and nobody showing up. It breaks the machine in my chest that pumps the black sludge around my veins. It definitely is something that I don't want happening to my own kids.

But I didn't need to fear. Turns out that the kids in Olivia's montessori class are a right knit little group. She rocked into the play centre and they were all delighted to see her. Hugs, kisses, cards, wishings of happy birthday. It was enough to warm the black sludge in my veins.

Off they went into the play frame and the rest was history. Screams of joy, kids playing together and enjoying time with each other. It was great.

What was even better, however, was seeing a glimpse at the person that Olivia is becoming. She made sure that all her friends were enjoying themselves and when one cried she checked why. When it came to eating she made sure her cousin and brother sat beside her at the top of the table because they didn't know the other kids like she did. Then as we sat and had dinner she just comes out and thanked myself and the lady friend for how great her birthday had been.

This is a four year old that is growing up to be a caring and kind person if ever there was an indication of it.

Happy birthday Nugget, glad your party was everything you deserved and then some.


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