Holiday Season, Finally


I generally keep enough Holiday Days in work so that I get a nice long break over Christmas. It is something I've always done, even before having kids. It just feels like the right time of year for me, mentally, to get a big long break. Two weeks, with the days that are given to workers because it is Christmas, in total.

Sure what more could you want.

I finished up on Friday and have, so far, done no writing. But worse, I have done no writing for about a week now. I have noticed that this happens when I finish a book (or at least feel like I have finished it for now and need to let it sit and soak for a while before looking over it again). Filthy Henry book five has been roughly plotted out, I am going through it and fixing up bits before starting actual work on it, but that doesn't count as writing. In fact I decided that my Habit reminder was to be marked as complete. Duplex Tempus took 561 days to be written.

Not bad going.

But, despite taking a sort of 'break' from the hobby, the itch to write is still there. I dunno what that is about. It's a compunction at this stage, maybe. I don't like suffering from idle fingers not running across a keyboard like they have a mind of their own.

I'm still inside the Old Year, so the length of time between this post and the last is allowed. But for now this post is serving to scratch that itch, even for a day. I have written something, but thoughts to words.

That's enough for now.

For the Too Long; Didn't Read population - Sci-Fi book is soaking for a bit before I give it a final once over and then publish it. Filthy Henry will return, he is just taking the long way round.


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