Nearly Christmas


No I am not after losing my mind, nor have I put the Christmas tree up again to try and reclaim some of the magic lost since the Holiday season ended. Rather, "Nearly Christmas" is the working title of my fifth Filthy Henry novel.

Although, secretly, I am thinking of making it the actual title.

See, the next book is going to be based around Halloween.

All the old Celtic legends based around that time of year involve stuff happening between the world of the Living and the Dead. They are great stories when you read them, all about spirits doing mischievous things and humans falling foul of their tricks. As such I decided to write the next book around October and draw from some of the old stories.

But I wanted to also use the book to take a few pops at how Halloween doesn't even get to happen anymore in its own right. Places have Christmas decorations up right beside the Halloween stuff. Some shops have even started to put up Easter Eggs before Christmas even happens.

The world is moving too fast for no reason at all. So in the book I will take a few digs at this sorta stuff. But, because of that, I think calling it "Nearly Christmas" makes perfect sense.

If nothing else it will be a book that can be bought in either season.

In other writing news I have started looking around for a sci-fi agent. The ladyfriend is adamant that I see if a non-Filthy Henry novel will be picked up by a publisher. Which means, of course, a slight delay in getting it out there for folk to read. But sure what's life without a little adventure and risk, right?

Short post today...but at least I remembered to post something ;)


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