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Today the little man turned two. The big 2. Officially entertaining that wonderful phase of life that all the parenting books and blogs refer to as the terrible twos.

That, for a start, is bullshit. Kids will and can have 'terrible' any age, the twos are just the first point in their lives that they can talk back to you is the thing. They will have developed their likes, dislikes and quirks. It is all just the natural evolution of things.

But this isn't a piece about how kids are different - this is about my little boy growing up.

You can already see it in him. The baby is still there, of that there is no doubt, but the toddler is forming. He has developed a little jester streak in him already. The other day he jumped off the sofa and started running back and forth between the walls of the living room. Right before he would have crashed into the wall he stopped himself, did a little comic 'wwwooooaah' and fell to the ground. All to get a laugh out of us.

He did this for twenty minutes.

It was hilarious.

He has formed attachments to things now. Loving football is one that has been around for a while, but he really liked one of his presents. A little blue train that turns into a robot. Loves it so much, in fact, that he insisted it go to bed with him.

Gone is the Iron-man teddy, in is the robot train.

Kids, so fickle.

As usual his mummy went above and beyond with the little family party we had to mark the day. Food and a Gecko cake (from PJ Masks, before anyone starts wondering about the lizard) along with all the fun of kids running around hopped up on sugar.

Happy birthday little man. Keep making the world laugh like you do, because your laugh is infectious and the world needs more of that.


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