Third Round Two


I've noticed that this blog has basically become a 'birthday posting' blog - and that's fine if I'm being honest.

Today marked a strange one in our house. Our youngest, code-name Jellybean, turned three.

Normally birthdays for kids are marked with family gatherings, few friends of the family and kids around, sugary goodness and presents if you're lucky. Last year that's exactly what happened, with the man of the hour going comatose nearly two hours before bed from all the sweets. And as usual the ladyfriend pulled out all the stops with decorating and making sure the day was memorable.

This year, because of the fundemic (it only really sucks if you allow it to, by not making fun of it) the celebrations were a little more muted.

For starters, there were no extra people in the house beyond those who live there.

Did it suck? No, if I'm being honest. Jellybean came down in the morning to see his presents from us all lined up waiting (he thought they came from Santa...because he hasn't fully figured out how gifts work just yet). The ladyfriend has, from birthday one, made a huge deal about helium balloons being part of the kid celebrations, so this day was no different. Balloons everywhere. PJ Masks, Spiderman and a bunch of just normal shaped balloons. For Jellybean this was, in his own words, 'Awesome'.

See while the list of attendees may have been smaller, the ladyfriend didn't let that stop her pulling out all the tricks in her bag. We had cake for lunch, music for breakfast entertainment, balloons a plenty and some very happy and screaming kids as the day went on. Both of us booked off work as well and with Jellybean having full control of the TV (for him being in charge of the entertainment is basically heaven) the best of a bad situation was pulled off.

Now I don't claim any of the credit for this...I am but a grunt in the war against crappy birthdays. The ladyfriend points and I put the balloon where she pointed. Jellybean conked a full hour before normal bed time - a sign of a successful birthday.

Did it suck that we couldn't have family around, sure...but when life throws her lemons the ladyfriend makes Hard Lemonade with two fingers to the sky.


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