This is where the old rants will be stored for reading in the future. I'll be storing them by date but it won't really make a difference, a rant is a rant regardless of chronological order. Every little entry is going to be stored in here, since I sometimes mix important info like website links in with the random waffle.

Dates are listed as day-month-year, just in case anybody is confused and tries to figure out which month is the 13th one.


Rants tagged under : writing

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25-03-2011: Another Site...Maybe
07-03-2011: Stories, Stories Everywhere
07-12-2010: Keep It Short
24-11-2010: Gig Coming Up
15-11-2010: Busy Busy...Through My Own Fault
30-09-2010: The Words Return
08-09-2010: Free Time
13-08-2010: The Submission Letter
10-08-2010: Nearly Submission Time
20-07-2010: Five To Go
12-07-2010: Slowly But Surely
05-07-2010: The Search Begins
30-06-2010: Sample For You
29-06-2010: The Hard Chapter
22-06-2010: Rewrites
16-05-2010: Seventeen
01-05-2010: Fifteen Down
16-06-2009: Bite the Bullet
11-04-2009: Personal Writer's Block
25-03-2009: It's Over

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