The Con Approaches


As the bank holiday weekend draws to a close it signals the last weekend before Dublin Comic Con 2015 kicks off. A convention that I am going to be attending not just as a spectator but as a stall runner.

Things just just interesting.

My supply of both "Filthy Henry: The Fairy Detective" and "The Impossible Victim" were shipped to the office, a handy ten minute walk away from the convention centre where the DCC is going to be held this year. Along with the books I also have some Filthy Henry themed business cards that I will probably be dropping randomly around the convention centre as the day goes along.

Sure it's all a bit of fun at the end of the day right?

Site is acting a bit odd, I had the floor plan here but it won't load (even though it's in the Random folder in the gallery. Anyway I'm at table number 28 in the Artist Alley all weekend.

I've also gone ahead and gotten my Goodreads account updated to an Authors account. Turns out I can link the bauble and the Goodreads blog together, so type once publish many.

If I ain't the laziest author around the blogsphere I don't know who is!

Also prepare for some spam live from the con floor next weekend.

After all I might got mad talking to myself otherwise ;)


Dublin Comic Con


It's worse I am getting at these entries not better. Although to be fair myself and the lady friend have had a hell of a lot on lately. We're in the process decorating two of the rooms in the house which has the entire place in chaos. But the fun sort of chaos that you can plot and plan with. That is of course if you don't have a job that gets in the way as regularly as mine does. Working the odd weekend after a long week is bad enough, working five in a row can get to a person eventually.

But enough about that.

Since I haven't had a real minute to mention it on The Bauble since it went live I figured I would carve out some time now to do it. My second Filthy Henry Novel, The Impossible Victim, is now up for sale on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format.

While writing the first one I always had a dream that it would continue past one single book. Now here it is, a little over a year later, with the second one out in the big bad world. Meaning that I am already a month behind schedule for starting on the third one ;)

In order to get the book out there to a wider audience I signed up to run a stall at this year's Dublin Comic Con, August 8th to 9th. Sure madness will ensue but won't that be part of the fun of it all. I've my supplies already dropped off to the office. Just need to design up some posters to make the table look all pretty and whatnot. Plus, fingers crossed, I actually remember to rant about it while there, maybe even with some pictures :D


Blank Page


Once again I am sitting staring at a blank page and wondering what the hell to do.

Having finished my second novel I need to get cracking on the cover for it now. This is always a painful process for me. As the Ladyfriend will attest to I am downright dreadful at drawing something I like once and sticking with it. The cover for the first Filthy Henry novel went through ten rough sketches and fourteen finished designs before I settled on one.

One that some people will claim is just me in profile but that was just a happy accident. Although there is a picture floating around that seems to back up this theory.

The problem this time around is that I honestly never thought I would get a second novel completed. Not for any particular reason but I just thought getting one out there was going to be enough work. A second one? Madness. So now I am sitting here staring at the blank page and trying to come up with a design.

There are a few problems now with this situation. Firstly I need to have a design done by the end of June, because I am going to be at this year's Dublin Comic Con. This means I can't just drag my feet like last time. Pencil must meet paper and create a cover in a short time frame.

No pressure.

Secondly, while I loved the final design that Filthy Henry eventually ended up with I now reckon it needs redoing. As a standalone novel the strange half-colour half-silhouette design worked well. But in what I am trying to make an ongoing series? There are only so many shadow designs you can do. So while coming up with my second cover I need to make sure that it fits with the first, or is a design that the first can be updated with so they all line up.

If only I knew a hungry artist that I could pay in noodles to handle all this for me.

On the plus side the Ladyfriend is giving the novel a second set of eyes reading. This works out well for me because the story has been swirling around in my head for so long at this stage that I think my brain was filling in any plot holes I found. All in all the end date for having the book finished and off to the printers is the end of June. I need to just check the print times for the con, but I reckon a month before should be loads of time.

Plus I have to start fine tuning the plot for the third one. The idea has been around for years but now that Filthy Henry has worked out so well it needs a bit of an overhaul.

Who said this writing lark was a relaxing hobby? It's like a second job!