This is where the old rants will be stored for reading in the future. I'll be storing them by date but it won't really make a difference, a rant is a rant regardless of chronological order. Every little entry is going to be stored in here, since I sometimes mix important info like website links in with the random waffle.

Dates are listed as day-month-year, just in case anybody is confused and tries to figure out which month is the 13th one.


Old Rants: 2009 - July

30-07-2009: Late Night Updates
29-07-2009: So bad it gives you cancer
28-07-2009: Sometimes life just sucks
23-07-2009: Order T-shirts
21-07-2009: No Real Reason...
20-07-2009: Suck It Dempsy
19-07-2009: The Drawing Rant
18-07-2009: Finally...NEW FEATURE
16-07-2009: Fatty Fatty
15-07-2009: Oui Oui, Paris...oi oi
09-07-2009: Not entirely sure if I mentioned this...
07-07-2009: Old Adverts
05-07-2009: Design Number One - Done
04-07-2009: Jesus Christ - I said that on purpose
02-07-2009: Thunder Thunder...Thunderstorm
01-07-2009: Things That Bugged Me This Morning

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